At Reiki Flow, we are working with Reiki and the nature of healing to go beyond the existing healing paradigm, moving deeper into the intersection of micro to macro and providing a grounded microcosm of planetary potential. In regenerative thinking (www.regenesisgroup.com) we see that we live in a nested way with us as individuals nested inside our families and communities and they in turn nested in our countries, the world and the universe. Every action at each level affects the world and we recognise our ability to affect the macro when on our own individual journey towards wholeness.

Regenerative thinking looks to contribute to rather than undermine the health of the planet and takes a holistic, living systems-based approach to build understanding and bring greater vitality and viability to both places and people. One of the models looks at the levels of energy in this way –

Levels of Energy


Creative Potential levels



Automatic Existence levels


At this moment humanity is going through a unity conscious expansion, becoming one, seeing the me in you and seeing how we all interact, connect and yet have our own unique part to play. This involves becoming conscious of the patterns at play in us and moving beyond our own story which may be hampering us becoming the highest expression of who we can be in this lifetime. Many of us carry in our genes, ancestral history and story, the wounding inflicted by our fellow men and women in times past and through being conscious and shining our light on these areas we can heal ourselves and in doing so bring more healing to the world – enslaved and slaver, oppressor and oppressed, attacker and victim, rich and poor. All these behaviours leave scars on the individual and the collective which can be healed and through being conscious of where our behaviour and actions are coming from, we can consciously choose to dissolve patterns that do not serve us, give more love, light and gratitude to the world, holding in the field of potential our ability to be truly one with all.

At levels of potential we can become more creative, finding solutions for ourselves and the world we live in with Reiki as the strength in our foundations and the conduit through which we connect with the divine.

Every time we work on our own curriculum (with our own manure!), we work on the macro for the whole of the world and every time we give Reiki out into the world we strengthen ourselves, coming into greater alignment with the role we have come here to play, becoming more happy, connected and part of the fabric of life on earth.

Our goal is to be consciously connected to life, creating vitality and harmony wherever we go and giving gratitude to all living things, to aim for excellence rather than perfection while knowing that we are constant works in progress in our humanness. Through the simple art of daily self treatment and living the Reiki principles we can become Reiki both for the benefit of ourselves and the world.