Tia Hofmans

Tia Hofmans is an Experimental Sound Artist, Musician, Dj and Graphic Designer. She has been an Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki practitioner for over a year now and Reiki has become a vital part of her art practice.

Tia is currently a Masters Student at the California Institute of the Arts, studying music and design. One question Tia’s work aims to explore is how does the vibration of sound affect the body? A pluck of a guitar string, a note sung from someone’s vocal cords, or a hit on the ancient African djembe drum undeniably impacts the human body in profound ways. By combining her knowledge of sound, visual design and Reiki, Tia creates immersive soundscapes and art installations that cultivate healing, self expression, and time travel through self and spirit. Tia’s one on one sessions with clients aim to do the same, creating a safe and rooted space to move through the blockages in one’s body and life that inhibit them from realizing their whole potential of self.

Originally born in Jamaica and currently residing in Los Angelos, CA, Tia aims to use this work to bring liberation to the Caribbean and African diaspora. Tia deeply believes that is it everyone’s birth rite to share their gifts freely with the world, and reiki is the key to clearing anything that stands in the way of that.