The Village by Oneness Sankara

I can’t hear, I can’t see, but I can breathe 

So I just breathe as I leave the hospital 

On loop, in my head playing on repeat 

No heartbeat. No heartbeat. No heartbeat 


See, it is times like this when Reiki saved me 

Many moons ago I was gifted with a conception  

Who didn’t stay to be born into a baby 

She simply came to open the way,  

To remind me to pray and remind me of the blessings in each and every day 


“Reiki is available to do its healing at ALL times” 


It took me some years to fully integrate Reiki into my everyday practice. When you first learn you are taught about all the benefits of using Reiki everyday. However, I’m a tad stubborn and didn’t fully appreciate this teaching. Fortunately for me; Reiki holds no grudges. I know a Reiki master who constantly reminds students that “you always have your hands with you”. Reminding us that our Reiki is readily available to do its healing work at ALL times in ALL situations. 


As we know life is filled with twist and turns. Every one of us being given own unique syllabus of what we need to learn to live our true purpose. Some of these twists are uncomfortable, some of the turns are painful and sometimes we need a helping hand. I needed a helping hand.  


When I celebrated my 30th birthday I felt as sick as a dog on a rollercoaster at teatime! Initially I had nothing planned so my sister threw me an intimate soiree. She wanted to see me smile, so she got in-touch with some loved ones and we celebrated.  


In modern times when one gets pregnant it is customary not to announce the pregnancy for the first 3 months. Not until you have passed the so-called danger zone… just incase. As such I was about 6 weeks into this pregnancy and made shady excuses as to why I wasn’t drinking bubbly on my own Earthday.  I wasn’t in a great place. I was thankful for the blessing that was growing in my stomach; but not that happy with much else. At the time I didn’t recognise how out of sorts I was. I couldn’t see the proverbial wood from the trees. However this special soul that chose to visit my womb came to wake me up. And wake me up she did! 


“Just for today, do not worry” 


Some 5 weeks or so after my Earthday I still felt rough. I was lost. Lost in a mundane slumber. I was wearing a red top. I went to visit my mum and there was blood. Just a touch. The next few days were a blur. Then they came. My Reiki sisters with warm hands and warm hearts. Tears and laughs and healing. They lay their hands and reminded me that ‘I am’.  I am always connected with all that ever was and all that will ever be. Just for today do not worry! 


See a huge aspect of my Reiki Process is being in community. Yes, I use what I had learnt in Reiki Level 1 and self treat daily. I use my Level 2 and do distant healings. I give and receive treatments and then there is my Reiki family. Brothers and sisters from across the globe all committed to sharing the light of oneness through Reiki. 


This is something that couldn’t be taught. Simply experienced. A deeper level of ‘giving a helping hand’. They are my village. In times of joy and times of sorrow they act as vessel and give. And thats how I live. Ever humbled. Ever growing. Always knowing that there is a team of superhero’s with healing hands ready to save the day when I lose my way. 





 Artwork by Marietjie Henning

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