The Light Road by Lizzie McCallum

I was riding a vibe between life and death immersed in the energy of life after death and longing to reach ‘home’, wherever that was it was far from where I was. I didn’t want to leave, but so much about the world was cold and unappealing. My only anchor was love and this was a confused trajectory. I was caught in co-dependant and abuse patterning. I was continually playing out drama and misalignment with devastating consequences. I had cancer for the second time at the age of 18 and I was dying. This was my initiation into spirit but I didn’t know it at the time. My world was demolishing in order that I could recognise and receive a new one. Everything was disintegrating in order that I could learn a new way. I was on the precipice of great discovery but at that time it was cold and dark and I was nothing. I was human. I was a mess. I was losing the gift of life and birthing life. I was far from home and shrouded in trauma.

My journey led me to Reiki. Reiki was the gift, Reiki was the light, Reiki was the warmth and the healing and the nourishment. Reiki led me home, Reiki was home. I spent the next 20 years self-treating daily. I practiced the principals and healed my body. I learnt life as the deepest gift of pure unadulterated flow of divine grace.

When I learnt Reiki my Reiki master said to me ‘you don’t just do Reiki you become Reiki’ This meant nothing to me as a confused 18 year old but as a woman it is my mantra. Every day I lean deeper into Reiki, deeper into what Mrs Takata referenced as ‘God power’.  The other piece of wisdom my master gave me was ‘Just do Reiki, the Reiki will teach you’.  I survived on these two statements as my underlying understanding of what was required of me on this journey to serve the energy which gave me life.  I struggled with them and came head to head with them as my human self rearranged itself to surrender into service, to realise I am not in charge. I do not make the rules, I barely make my own schedule and yet each and every day I am blessed and filled to my core with pure light, love and abundance surrounded by angelic beings.  I live on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. I have journeyed, I am a mother, I was a wife, I’m a friend and a lover, I am human, I have been broken many times, I have been to spaces I would never wish on another.  My life journey has taught me deep humility, compassion and acceptance. Reiki gives me access to exist in the oneness and pray and serve those who have not yet discovered the miraculous potential of their own lives. I am told it is needed. I walk the authentic path, I walk the heart path, I walk in truth and love and light and this at times is raw, naked and vulnerable.  As a woman I have learnt this is not a space I should run from but deepen into.

Reiki flows deep grace through all levels, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, deepening alignment into our optimum state of being. It holds us as we rise. I walk in honour of those who have walked before me and those yet to come.


Artwork by Gary Bond

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