The Deepest Selfcare AND it’s free: How to access deep transformation by going inward by Anoushka Emson

When I sat down in Knysna, (South Africa) on my kids half term holiday, looking out onto the Knysna lagoon, I wondered how I could possibly answer such a complex question. However when I meditated on it and sent reiki to it, the answer that came back was crystal clear. And it was one word, two words actually but hyphenated into one…self-care. How has reiki guided me? Ultimately through self-care. What has reiki taught me? Self-care. How has reiki informed my journey? Self-care.

So let’s break it down.

How has reiki guided me? When reiki came into my life, I was partying hard, I was boozing hard, I was coming at life hard and I could of gone one of two ways. Reiki came into my life at the same time as my overall hitting ‘everything’ hard and it was the only ‘thing’ that encouraged me to hit at something softly.

Through practicing reiki, I was able to ground myself, I was going to reiki shares, I was becoming a bit more conscious. And I gained a purposeful meditation. A way of topping myself up, through my reiki self-practice. It became this beacon of light at the fork in the road that I choose to follow. It wasn’t the path of destruction. It was the path of awareness and compassion. Thankfully the light was enticing enough that I followed it. Reiki guided me back to myself, got me closer to my soul.

What has reiki taught me? I’ve learnt a self-care practice, essentially but beyond that I’ve learnt how I can be of service to others, how I can help people. And there is no better panacea than focusing on others to dilute and diminish one’s narcissistic tendencies. Its taught me to listen. Whether I’m giving a treatment or receiving one, or self-treating, I open my ears and listen. I go really really quiet. And in that stillness, there I find myself.

How has reiki informed my journey? It’s given me a self-care practice beyond a pedicure or manicure, a haircut, a chiropractic treatment, a bath, a massage, and don’t get me wrong, all of those are wonderful suggestions but they don’t massively move the needle in terms of resourcing oneself and replenishing. Whereas a reiki self-care treatment, increases one’s vibration, is truly energetically replenishing, doesn’t require any financial expenditure and is given by self. There is no outsourcing. You don’t have to wait for an appointment, or till you can afford it: you can meet your need as it occurs. Its live.

So whilst this is quite a simplistic, distilled down answer and there are many spin offs that I haven’t identified here…behind my simple one word answer, self-care, there is another one word answer which is clarity. Clarity to answer the questions. Clarity in my knowing. Clarity around my own self-belief.

So my conclusion is that in the administering of self-care, there is clarity and should my reiki self-care practice fall away then so does the clarity. One does not come without the other. Clarity is the hidden nugget.


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