The Butterfly Effect by Lucy Price

I had been receiving weekly Reiki treatments for a few months, when my Reiki Practitioner suggested that I should learn it so that I could give myself healing on a daily basis. This was a completely new concept to me- one that was unfamiliar, but yet simultaneously felt right in my heart. I had been suffering from a painful gynaecological disorder for a few years, and had been treated conventionally by Doctors with a cocktail of hormonal drugs and pain relief, none of which really helped and had caused an impressive list of side effects- including regular debilitating migraines and having an “artificial menopause” at the age of 27. The only other medical option available was to have a hysterectomy- to totally remove my womb. In addition to this I was living in a very toxic environment with an abusive partner, and working permanent night shifts as a nurse. Needless to say, I was not in a happy place in my life.

The day I received my first Initiation into Level one was incredible. I felt an immense sense of coming home, and could not believe that I now had this ability to channel this incredible thing they called “Universal Life Force Energy”. I could feel the Reiki’s heat and tingle flowing through me and I gave myself a treatment every single day without fail, and the shifts and changes were noticeable. I felt lighter and more joyful, I became more expressive, began standing up for myself with my partner, and felt more empowered within. The pain also started to improve, to the point where I decided to stop the medications. I still have the discharge letter from my Gynaecologist, stating that I no longer needed his treatments since having regular Reiki.

After a year or so I felt the calling to learn Reiki Level 2. It was through this that I learnt Distant sending, which transformed my life even more. I sent Reiki to everything and anything that was out of alignment in my life; my relationship with my partner, financial and work situation, and my living situation whilst continuing to self-treat daily. I was guided to go back to University and started to train as a homeopath. Over time I began to witness miracles occur: a beautiful new home, financial flow, and the courage and strength to leave behind the toxic, abusive relationship and start a new life.

I became initiated as a Reiki Master 13 years ago, and within 2 years of this had met my soul mate, and now husband John. I was shown that I needed to start up a healing and homeopathy practice, and to teach Reiki. Over the years throughout my practice I have witnessed the most incredible shifts, physically and emotionally with my clients and students, bringing me so much joy and fulfilment.

Reiki has opened me to a new way of living; of thinking and being. It has held me and comforted me during dark times; through abuse, grief and trauma. It has guided me when I have felt lost. It has eased my physical pain and, it has expanded my conscious awareness and connected me to my gifts and soul’s purpose.

I am not that lost, lonely, broken girl I was all those years ago. I feel and witness the Reiki flowing in my life every single day, and hold the deepest gratitude in my heart for the transformational, healing power that is Reiki.


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