Soul Tribe Mix by Flowergaze

My path towards Reiki was pre-destined since before my earthly incarnation. With a grandmother who was a healer and a herbalist in our community in Jamaica. To a mother and an Aunty who healed bodies and hearts through dance and movement; I knew at a young age that my destiny involved sharing tools that could help enhance the human and spiritual lives of others.

I honor my ancestors who have come before me, who have instilled the wisdom within my DNA that we have the ability to heal ourselves and radically transform any reality of suffering we may encounter into self empowerment, love and knowledge. Reiki has been such a divine gift and tool to help facilitate this kind of healing within myself, others and the earth.

“Soul Tribe” is a Reiki infused mix that honors my Caribbean ancestry and shares energy of healing, light and love with all those who listen to it.


Artwork by Flowergaze

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