She called to my Soul by Nic Stoute

She waded in like the wind carrying waves

She showed me Love unconditional and my heart couldn’t wait!

Reiki called out to my soul

When my life was out of control

Cried out my name

Let me know that there was no shame.

The pain I was cocooned in was no longer my safe space


The Universe duly answered and I knew that it was right

But, first I rejected, then resisted the idea

My life was so full of pain, Illness and fear

Yet, God persisted and made it clear

The glory of accepting the Universal Love that was available to me.

Being attuned to Reiki Love was the game changer, the Love matchmaker, The redefinition of my life, the dreamcatcher, the deconstruction of a sad, lonely desperate caricature of self, the X-Factor.

I didn’t find Reiki…Universal LOVE and Blessings found me…and right in the “NIC” of time.


Artwork by Sara Golish

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