Reiki & I by Oneness Sankara

The 21st year of my life was about rebirth and new beginnings… and that’s when Reiki found me. Through love, change and friendship. It came to me. Held me close and told me that everything was gonna be amazing!

Young. Full of life. Certain and confused

Walking my path. Lost. Searching for truth

My voice somewhat silenced yet ready to birth

Perceiving. Belonging. Incognisant of my worth

I found my vibe in a tribe of new ancients

Speed of light now activating patience

Awakening what was once latent

Is anyone there?


I feel you near

I feel you here

It’s all become clear

So I opened my heart and extended my arms

Connecting with love through open palms

Sat in my peace and allowed you to flow

Ashe! It is so!


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