Winter in the Red House

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Winter in the Red House


Winter in the Red House, Canadian Tales from Super Natural British Columbia Written by Wanja Twan, compiled by Anneli Twan.

Wanja Twan is one of the 22 masters initiated by Mrs Hawaya Takata. Wanja is a lifelong story teller, poet and artist who has taught Reiki all over the world having many adventures and Reiki moments along the way. She currently lives on Vancouver Island with her daughter Anneli Twan and is still writing, painting and being Reiki.

In this book Wanja, the story teller writes of her many adventures in her life in Canada starting June 6th 1955 right up to the winter of 1990. Her daughter Anneli compiled the stories from memories and writings that Wanja has always been in the habit of jotting down and keeping. Some are of the magic in the ordinary, being in the moment and some really explain life in the vastness and remoteness of Canada in a way that’s hard to imagine living in Europe.