Looking in Boxes

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Looking in Boxes


Looking in Boxes and other stories… Written by Wanja Twan, compiled by Anneli Twan.

Wanja Twan is one of the 22 masters initiated by Mrs Hawaya Takata. Wanja is a lifelong story teller, poet and artist who has taught Reiki all over the world having many adventures and Reiki moments along the way. She currently lives on Vancouver Island with her daughter Anneli Twan and is still writing, painting and being Reiki. One of my favourite Wanja quotes is “We are always together and sometimes we meet…” which is in the front page of this book. This sums up Reiki for me.

These stories came about when Wanja started to go through old boxes stored in the attic. The family would put things away in boxes before they went travelling and many were never opened again. Years later they decided it was time to go through them and uncovered many stories, photos, maps, airline tickets and memories. Anneli, Wanja’s daughter thought others might enjoy reading about Wanja’s memories and helped compile these into a small book.