Nic Is a Creative, a mother, an advocate for universal change and alignment and has been a Reiki practitioner for 17 years.

She was honoured to be introduced to Reiki in the early noughties. She had extensive hands-on Reiki regularly to experience the process before She was initiated into the Usui System of Reiki- Hands-on Healing.

Reiki has aided Nic in the management of health conditions, recovery from emotional, psychological and physical trauma, encouraged the exploration and improvement of her relationship dynamics and she uses it daily for self-care.

Nic works from internal alignment with Divine Love and works consciously with her clients from a place of empathy utilising Active listening, Sensitivity, Honesty and Tact. Nic works intuitively and is clairvoyant, clairaudiant and clairsentient.

Nic’s aim as a practitioner is to assist inviduals to reach higher levels of consciousness and release patterns that no longer serve them.

As a member of Reiki Flow Nic seeks to continue to be part of a collective of spiritually and energetically aware people cultivating heart centred global human connection to create and restore planetary equilibrium.

Nic is immensely grateful to have been gifted the experiences and knowledge that She has through her Reiki journey. She acknowledges and honours her Ancestors, Reiki Masters, Ascended Masters and Spirit Team for their constant guidance and teachings during this lifetime