My Reiki Process by Lizzie McCallum

I began my Reiki process with one to one treatments. I received Reiki twice a week for 6 months before learning. This was an illuminating  time for me in which I began to understand the power of Reiki to heal the physical body.
I had been diagnosed with secondary cancer, the treatment prescribed was to make me infertile. I was in excruciating pain physically and emotionally. The Reiki was comforting and soothing. I was suffering from insomnia and after a treatment I would fall into a deep comforting sleep. Slowly the feeling that everything would be ok replaced the angst and trauma I was suffering with.
After 6 months I learnt Reiki, how to treat myself and my family and friends.  I was elated, it activated an inner knowing of the divine connection we all have access to and its unequivocal potential. I was home. I self treated diligently my energy levels rose, I felt truly and deeply happy for the first time in my life. Things were far from easy but I had a gift, a gift of energy that every time I worked with it I felt waves of warmth and love entering my cells and creating an ease and freedom inside that I had only dreamed of.
I have self treated daily for 20 years. I use Reiki in all circumstances with myself, my children and family and others. I have watched Reiki consistently create unfathomable miracles leading others home to the truth inside their hearts. I have witnessed the physical healing of myself and others, addictions clear and emotional pain transform.
I received Reiki II 2 years after my first initiation. I understand Reiki II as active prayer where we are able to tap into the unseen and focus the intention of divine alignment into challenging and difficult circumstances for yourself and others. It is a huge comfort in times of distress and through this practice I have cultivated deeper trust, faith and safety in this world. Reiki has helped me reconcile and hold space for others in deeply challenging circumstances, based on the truth as I have learnt to perceive it through Reiki, which is there is always a greater force guiding, protecting, loving and nurturing us back to our optimum state of divine perfection.
I use Reiki daily, as much as I can on any given day. It has changed my life in inexplicable ways. I am eternally grateful. Offering  this now as a Master to my students enables me to embody a state of service which is profoundly fulfilling.


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