In Truth by Nic Stoute

When I first was initiated into Reiki 19 years ago, I assumed I would wake up the following day and be healed.  

Reiki was meant to stop all my pain, rid me of all my fear, halt all of life’s challenges. 

However, months later as the adrenaline wore off, my reality settled, I got quite a shock.  

People still died and I still mourned. 

I still had ill health, of which I was bored. 

I still struggled in relationships, romantic or not. 

I was still so angry, selfconsumed, self-loathing and over absorbed. 

But slowly, very slowly, I noticed that signs came through.  

Universal Energy kept showing me what I could do. 

So, I kept placing my hands on myself and connecting to the source.  

Occasionally doubt and fear would come through too, yet I learnt this was false. 

In time, I recognised that through growth I had a choice. 

I could manage my emotions, listen to my knowing, learn to trust my intuition, adhere to my soul’s request, respect my own inner voice. 

Reiki transforms me repeatedly through my life processes.  

Each lesson teaching me, helping me to move closer to my highest and truest self; releasing my earthy psychosis. 

My selfimprovement is growing in the slightest of ways. So often I have been unaware of my own transformative gains. 

Reiki guides me by providing Love through my connection with, humans, animals and nature, via words, sounds, symbols and vibration 

My spirit team; spirit guides, guardians, loved ones in other energic realms and the ancestors watch and listen, giggle and nudge me, making their presence known 

They hold my hand whilst I take the next step, regardless of the challenge, leading me to my throne. 

In Reiki I am being encouraged to see myself, hear myself and know myself in truth. 

I practiced more, share my experiences to elevate the boost. 

Level Up! Reiki Two 

I deepen my knowledge and expandin Divine Alignment, being redirected as I work to surrender on the path.  

Reiki shows me where I need to go to serve my highest truth and purpose. 

Still, sometimes I travel longs roads to get to a place that is merely a foot away. 

I am being taught the power of Universal Energy, through unconditional Love and Trust 

Being part of a community that participates in personal and global healing on-mass is a must!  

The learning is extensive, and continuous but it is gentler now.  

My understanding has developed, I decide how  

I interact with myself and others on this planet and witness in Gratitude what can be achieved for the greater good of all on this great land. 

I would say this: God is my boss, Reiki my line manager, I get regular supervision and suggestions are made of what I/we need.  

We build an action plan of aims and goals of which I work to achieve. 


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