Grainne has been on her journey with Reiki for over 20 years which started as a journey of personal healing and spiritual discipline. This is the same time as her journey as a mother began and Reiki has supported her every step of the way. Gráinne was a senior accountant with ITV (the largest commercial TV station in the UK at the time) and what started as a personal journey gradually became a second career when she was called to treat and teach Reiki in the public space becoming a professional practitioner and a Reiki master teacher.

Gráinne combines her roles as mother, Reiki master and Finance Director of the London based communications consultancy Pagefield, with an easy flow which is facilitated by and informed by Reiki. She incorporates the Reiki principles into her work in business, acknowledging money as an element of exchange which honours work done and services provided.

Over the years Gráinne has served on numerous boards including a variety of business enterprises, two school governing bodies, the Reiki Regulation Working Group, The Reiki Association and Reiki Foundation International. Reiki helps inform her work and supports her decision making. She is passionate about teaching Reiki as a way of living to support the individual, their families and communities and the world through learning to connect more in unity and living in heart-based consciousness.

Gráinne teaches Reiki I and Reiki II classes in London and Hampshire and is open to requests to teaching Masters in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition of Reiki. Gráinne is available for Reiki and Bach flower treatments, holds regular Reiki events (see events and offerings) and sometimes co-hosts for the U.K. Reiki Assocuation and other teachers in London.