Finding Reiki by Dina Selim

I didn’t just find it once.

I have found it many times.

I found it for the first time in my 20’s. I had been cynical for a few years; a cynic with a very persistent Sister who wouldn’t stop telling me about its benefits.

I found it on a snowy April weekend in South London in 2008.

I have cold hands – always have – bad circulation or something of the sort.

And on a snowy April weekend in South London, I was initiated into Reiki I.

Warm hands!

Really warm hands!!

It was snowing and cold outside –in April –and my hands were quite the opposite.

I gave my very persistent Sister Reiki on her foot – to practice – she’d stubbed her toe.

And I could feel the pain in my hand…

Mind. blown.

So that was the first time I found Reiki.

And I have found it many more times since then.

I have found it in the newsroom and in the field as a journalist: when the world showed me chaos, Reiki brought me calm.

I have found it in the hospice rooms of loved ones as they’ve made their way to brighter planes…

I have found it in moments of joy and moments of sadness; moments of frustration and moments of clarity.

I have found it in my community and my sisterhood. It has held and nourished me and us for many years now – my 20’s were a while back….!

And for the sake of truth and integrity, I must tell you that I have also lost it at points.

I have disconnected from it and turned the other way, for a plethora of reasons…

But Reiki has been a patient friend.

It always waits for me.

It has never once interrogated my absence nor questioned my return.

It is always there, ready to be found again…

And for this and it, I am ever grateful.



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