Planetary healing

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06 Jan 2020

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This retreat will focus on the spiritual empowerment necessary to engage fully with your purpose and alignment in relation to the planet and the healing required at this time.

We will explore the relationship between the individual micro consciousness, and macro planetary positioning, and the potential that holds to impact change and alignment in our families and communities.

We will delve into the Reiki energy as a gift to assist us to play our role to activate the healing and progression available on earth at that is time. This will encompass a deep exploration of our divine curriculum, divine assignments and soul path and how these aspects are harnessed, grounded and embodied to enable us to engage fully with our individual and collective potential.

What’s your super power?

Your unique blueprint is your Superpower. Your unique perspective, ancestry, and gifts culminate in your Superpower. Superpower is born of purpose and in this retreat we will focus on rooting and grounding your purpose and soul path into a physical experience that is fully congruent.

We will explore all the aspects of self, skills, attributes and talents that we hold on a worldly level and see how framing and anchoring these into macro perception takes us deeper into the oneness. From this position we can experience how our personal curriculum lives in reciprocity with the planetary consciousness expansion currently taking place, and how the embodiment of our superpower impacts collective planetary healing.

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  • Mon, 06 Jan 2020 11:00 - Sun, 12 Jan 2020 17:00

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