Cellular Alignment

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23 Sep 2019

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This retreat will focus on the body. We will move deep Into connection with our physical being, exploring our body as a vehicle for our lifes journey. We will work around cultivating the life force energy in our body consciously moving into cellular alignment with our optimum frequency.

In Reiki Flow we work with the understanding that our internal cellular vibration and alignment facilitates our physical experience of the world.

We will work with the Reiki to move into our capacity to facilitate our internal frequency and connection to source to enable us to expand our energy and deepen into the alignment of our optimum experience in the world. We will work with the energy of the stunning nature on the Island of Grenada to experience physical connection to the world from an expanded holistic space. We will work to detox incongruent and misaligned emotions, physical patterning and thought forms that hinder and limit our capacity for growth and expansion in the highest and best way for the highest and best good for all.

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Total Seat: 5000
  • Mon, 23 Sep 2019 11:00 - Sun, 29 Sep 2019 17:00

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