Ether/Earth by Eloise Joseph

I learnt Reiki in response to a call.  Prior to this I’d only received a couple of treatments, both of which I fell asleep in and woke up none the wiser about what had happened.  I had no all-singing, all-dancing spiritual experience to talk about. And that theme continued through to the class and into at least the first year.  I knew I could feel the energy flowing through my hands when I gave Reiki and when I received it, I knew something special had taken place, but I just didn’t really ‘get it’. 

Fast forward 4 years, I was moved to learn Reiki II (distance healing), and it changed everything!  I’ve always been very comfortable navigating the spiritual realms, way more than the physical world, and there was something about experiencing the Reiki energy on that frequency that gave me a total ‘click’.  Once I understood it in the ether, I understood it in my body.

I’ve been in a process of opening and deepening ever since.  I’ve held a consistent daily self-treatment practice for over a decade and that alone has been life changing.  Learning to love, nurture, accept and be present for myself through daily physical touch is absolute gold.  Patterns, programs, beliefs and storylines that no longer served me have been completely realigned, sometimes dramatically, sometimes less dramatically.  

When I had major surgery I came to understand the energy on another level, a deeper visceral level.  And so it goes with each heartbreak, devastation, joy, exhilaration, the good, the bad, the ugly and the in between.  Reiki has been there through it all.  An unwavering, steady constant in my life, teaching me, opening me, healing me.

There is so much to reap from that daily physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connection with yourself. To experience yourself as part of the divine fabric of the universe at all times, in all states, in all ways is powerful, very powerful.



Artwork by Eloise Joseph

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