Eloise is an Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki practitioner with over a decade’s worth of experience. A creative artist, actress and intuitive healer, she is deeply inspired by the power of creativity to liberate, transform and heal. Trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama, her passion lies in the meeting point between creativity and spirituality and the exploration of this has become a lifelong practice.  Eloise is interested in the body as a vessel, the stage as an altar, life as art.  With a journey that includes a successful decade long career as an actress and the study of intuitive healing modalities such as Alchemical Healing and Theta Healing, Eloise holds Reiki as the corner stone of her mental, emotional, physical and creative health.

‘Reiki is the base vibration that forms the foundation of my entire existence – my spiritual discipline, my creativity, my relationships, my ability to function on earth. It is my grounding and continues to teach me how to travel through incredibly expansive spaces while remaining present in my physical body. It has held me through countless healing journeys of the body, mind and soul and taught me a level of self love, self care and self awareness that I had never previously known. Reiki is a humble, powerful, intensely transformative energy that I am beyond grateful to work with daily’

Eloise facilitates people to find a place of profound connection in their hearts and create internal space enabling them to generate their life and their art from an empowered place of truth, wholeness and authenticity. She works in a deeply empathetic way, holding space for the easeful dissolution of trauma, increase of life affirming flow and the opening for Divine intervention on this collective journey to remembering who we are.