Discovering Reiki by Amy Clint

My introduction to the healing powers of Reiki came early in my life, when I was just a teenager, and not initially under the cheeriest of circumstances.

I can still trace my Reiki journey back to the exact moment it all began. I was 14-years old, standing in the kitchen in my school uniform, clutching the landline phone intently to my ear as my friend told me down the line that she had cancer.  It is the only time I can ever remember being genuinely speechless.

That was the beginning of a long journey back to health, a journey that would lead her to Reiki, to a full recovery (she is now thriving at 39) and eventually inspire me to learn Reiki too.

For as long as I can remember I have felt drawn to exploring and connecting with the spiritual aspect of my life. Along the way various guardians – in the form of friends and relatives – have come into my life to validate and support me and to encourage me to delve deeper.

One of these guardians is my now fully recovered friend. Having witnessed Reiki’s profound capacity to heal, I felt deep down that I would learn Reiki myself one day. For many years it all seemed mysterious, so mystical and intangible. If I’m honest, I was scared. But by my late twenties I knew I was ready. The energy in the teaching room was powerful, a warm presence I felt gently permeating through me.

After my initiation into Reiki, I began to self-treat regularly and quickly moved to Reiki 2 and to a deeper practice. I started to treat friends and family, to take part in Reiki circles (a mutual exchange of Reiki) and to receive treatments myself.

In the last 10 years Reiki has helped me navigate some of the most challenging moments of my life. When my eldest son was born extremely prematurely I was able to treat him in the incubator and overcome the trauma that we all suffered as a family during such a turbulent time. I moved forward and was able to have my second child within the support of my Reiki practice. Reiki has enabled me to manage the stress and strains of being a new mother, and built my confidence in the workplace.

For me Reiki is a mirror. It is a mirror, a river of calm, a warm homecoming, a peaceful space, a challenging friend who’s got your back. Above all it permeates my life with a profound sense of endless possibility. The day I learned Reiki I took my first step into a bigger world. A world where I can let go and trust the wisdom of the universe to take me where I need to go. A world where I don’t have to be limited by my conditioning or my fears. This is not a passive process but a deliberate decision to co-create my life hand in hand with the flow of the energy.

Part of me is still that vulnerable 14 year-old girl standing on the phone in the kitchen. But now I know that in the darkest of times, Reiki is a bright light that shines through the storm to remind me that the deep blue and endless skies are always beyond.


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