Dina Selim began practicing (Usui Shiki Ryoho) Reiki in 2006; the foundational discipline underpinning her energetic and intuitive healing practice.

With a professional career in international journalism and media production that has spanned more than 13 years, her work life has required her to facilitate uncomfortable, unstable and at some points unsafe spaces. Throughout it all, Dina’s Reiki practice has been an ever-present companion, fundamental to navigating a highly pressured and demanding career.

Dina’s first-hand experience of life in the world of news, combined with a firm foundation in Reiki and intuitive energy work, provides her with a wonderful balance of experience and tools to a more peaceful, calm and heart-centred way of living.

Having walked life’s path with Reiki and without it, Dina firmly believes in its ability to be an infinite pool of love, strength, wisdom and serenity; all of which will nourish, support and enable a healthier and happier you.