Coming Home by Lucy Price

Reiki came to me at a time in my life where I was in a state of complete despair. I was struggling with a condition called pelvic congestion syndrome, and all the side effects that the medication brought

with it. I was tolerating an emotionally abusive relationship with my then partner, and had spent 27 years knowing there was something more I should be doing. Searching for something. I felt totally lost.

Then one day, consumed in the misery, constant pain and depression, wondering how much more I could tolerate, I stumbled across a holistic health centre, saw a sign for Reiki and just knew this was what I needed in my life. I started having weekly treatments, and instantly had a feeling that I had come home. Eventually I was guided to undertake Reiki training for myself, so that I could give myself daily treatments. The pain gradually started to improve – and my life began to positively change in ways I couldn’t have possibly anticipated. Never did I imagine that 16 years on I would have my own successful healing practice and would be teaching Reiki.

I still use Reiki every day and am humbled and in awe of its ability to heal myself and others. Reiki is part of who I am now, and I am filled with deep gratitude for all that it is.



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